​​​        Owner & Luthier:  Makoto (Mac) Harada

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
I met and bought an ukulele when I came to Hawaii on my vacation in 2002.  I had learned how to play an ukulele from Mr. Takayuki Mori who is an award-winning ukulele luthier.  Meeting with him inspired me to build an ukulele.
In 2006, I had a chance to move to Hawaii with my family, and I decided to work for an ukulele factory.  After that, I had opportunities to work for two other ukulele companies,  These experiences gave me a chance to learn different methods of ukulele building.
In October 2013, I launched my own ukulele business named Honua Ukulele.  Honua means the mother earth in Hawaiian.

In August 2017, I completely became independent my own business.

About Honua Ukulele

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